Saturday, February 11, 2012

First of all, I need to let you all know that my sister in law, Linda Savino has a web page.  Please check out and click on Long Arm Quilt Service. Yeah Linda, I am so very proud of you. Also if you  are into coin check out my brother, Tony's coin collection.  It is very cool.
Okay,now for some more me time.... I am sorry that I don't have some of my purses that I have made on my blog.  But I will takepictures of  them and get them on my blog sooner than later. This is fun, I don't know why I do not keep this up to date...... LaZy maybe???? or BuSy?????
Well, Good Night and May God Bless Us Everyone.....
So it was not finished for Christmas.  But it was finished just after the new year.
Thank you to my dear friend Marla, this quilt became a reality.
We had found the pattern on the Bunny Hill site a few years ago and she downloaded all the pages and directions, organized them in a folder with tabs.  But we never got to it. 
Well this year she was determined to make hers and she wanted and encouraged me to make mine too.
Thank you Marla, I love you.....

So.... all it takes is for someone to ask me about quilting and I am back to my blog.
Having to make sure everything I have made is posted. 
I am still working on it.
This is a Rag Quilt I made for Tony for Christmas of 2009..... I know, I least you can see it now :)
Oh I know that these have been along time coming.
I have had them finished on my sewing table for months, hoping to see Uncle Ra and Kat.
Finally took a few photos of them to up load to my Blog.
These are the place mats that Kat wanted last summer to match her table runner.
Ok so now so much has changed.    The summer house has been sold and she will hopefully have the table runner in Arizona so these can still be used.  I love you Kat......
A Wedding Quilt.
Dave and Sophie got married in August of 2010.
I had found this quilt pattern in a magazine. 
The right fabrics were just what I found for her and her new husband.
I am still waiting for her photos of her and Dave with the quilt.....
No guilt, while I wait Sophie.....Love You.

 A very special little boy was added to the Bosler
Family.  Benjamin Bosler.  Brooke was now a big sister and I was excited to make another special quilt for a wonderful friend and teacher. 
When I asked Silas about what the theme was for this newest addition, he said his wife had choosen The Very Hungry Catapiller.  What a challange.....
I knew that there was material out there for this but I wanted to make something very special for this family.  So.......

 I created my own quilt based on the book. 

 This is such a wonderful book and I knew I could do it.  Yes it took some time.  But it turned out beautiful if I do say so myself. 

If you haven't read this beautiful book, the story is easy to follow by the way I show my quilt pictures.  All of this work is hand done, and then blanket stitched on my machine with a fun color thread. 

Based on a life of 6 days.  Then look at what he becomes..........



A Beautiful Butterfly......

A purse my cousin Michele wanted me to make for her while she was visiting us in California this past summer of 2011.  The girls LOVES birds.....but that's ok, since I love the girl.