Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two More Projects Under My Belt!!!!

 I finished a Twin size quilt for my cousin Marie who loves cats and loves the beach. While hers was easier to do because she picked out a panel, it still turned out very cute. Stitch in the ditch finished her quilt up.

I am so excited to show off my two new completed projects. One was a quilt for my darling husband Jim and let me tell you he really helped me with this. Of course I did all the cutting and the sewing BUT, Jim picked his own fabrics and colors. He enjoyed the look of the batik collection. The pattern was "Hip To Be Square" . Then when it was time to lay it out to put the top together, he and our daughters friend Mike who was visiting from Hamburg, New York, went to the landing on the second story of the house and told me where to put the squares. Did it ever turn out nice. I was excited and happy to have both men involved. Fun night.