Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two More Projects Under My Belt!!!!

 I finished a Twin size quilt for my cousin Marie who loves cats and loves the beach. While hers was easier to do because she picked out a panel, it still turned out very cute. Stitch in the ditch finished her quilt up.

I am so excited to show off my two new completed projects. One was a quilt for my darling husband Jim and let me tell you he really helped me with this. Of course I did all the cutting and the sewing BUT, Jim picked his own fabrics and colors. He enjoyed the look of the batik collection. The pattern was "Hip To Be Square" . Then when it was time to lay it out to put the top together, he and our daughters friend Mike who was visiting from Hamburg, New York, went to the landing on the second story of the house and told me where to put the squares. Did it ever turn out nice. I was excited and happy to have both men involved. Fun night.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well I am excited that I have found the time on this Beautiful Holy Saturday, April 3, 2010, to sit down and learn how to bring my pictures to my blog. Now I can let everyone know that they will finally see the quilting I have been working on. This has been fun. I am working on a quilt for my husband Jim. The front has been put together but I need to lay it out and Pin, Pin, Pin. Then I will be doing Stitch In A Ditch. His design is Too Hip To Be Square. He picked out his fabric, I made the thirty 12" squares and he created his look. Just sewed the rows together this past Thursday at class. Fun.....Can't wait to take a picture and post it. Keep checkin in...

Well I couldn't be more excited than when my machine and I worked together and embroidered this on my Uncle Ra's wall hanging. He is a Eagle lover. This was fun. I created this wall hanging all by myself. I had to cut it out and figure everything out.
I love you Uncle Ra..

Jim's mom had come to visit. 
We were so excited.  I had made myself a purse and she saw it and asked me if I could make her one too. So...
  I took her to Quilt in A Day, a beautiful quilt store in San Marcos so she could choose her material. 
I think she did a wonderful job. 

October 30, 2011

One of Emilys dear friends from work was going to be a grandma again for the second time. Emily has become close to Angel and asked if I would make a quilt for her Granddaughter. How can a Grandma say NO????? January 2010

One of Emilys  friends from work was going to be a grandma again for the second time. Emily asked if I would make a quilt for her Granddaughter. How can a Grandma say NO????? January 2010

Although there were more than two of these made. I forgot to take pictures of my mom's and Virginia's from work. This one is Marie's, my cousins. They are so much fun to make. I will start early this year to make more. Fun, Fun, Fun. Thanks Linda for the magazine.

Katie wanted to make a quilt for a friend's daughter in Buffalo. So her and I worked on it.
I really thought that she had been bitten by the quilting bug but no, she helped cut all the squares out and helped to sew a little but then mom to the rescue, I finished it. Yeah. Another job well done . November 2009

Since we were heading off to Buffalo last October for a really fun wedding, I made my mom in law a really comfy lap quilt. I figured being in Buffalo, she could really use it. This was a Tossed Nine Patch. I enjoy this pattern. 10-2009

My First Snowman Family. A gift for my Sister in law in Buffalo. Like she needs to be reminded of snow. But she loved it none the less. xoxo

This is a quilt I made for the wonderful teacher I work with and his wife and their new baby girl who was born July 2009. When I asked him about her colors and her room design, all he said is Purple. Wow my favorite color is the same for his wife. So Purple it was.
Katies quilt is a Lovers Knot. I made a mistake when I put this together, but you can't tell and it made it beautiful. Katie's quilt has a baby blue flannel backing too and it has kept her quite warm this winter.

Emilys Quilt was picked out by her. She found a Quilt Kit at Quilters Paradise. She was lucky this was the last one. She was so excited about it. She couldn't wait until I finished it. The backing is flannel. It is very warm and cozy says she. :)

Kat's table runner. For the girl who loves Elephants and Giraffes. The design came from someone who quilted with me on an All Day Saturday Sew with Annie at Quilt In A Day.